the artist

More information about the artist Tanja Coolen. You can also find more information about my work on this page.

about me

When I was little, I got a drawing set for my birthday, just like so many other children. Drawing made me entirely forget the world around me for hours – and that is still the case nowadays. When I paint, the real world fades away; creating something unique gives me a feeling of great joy and dedication. (It was only later in my adult life that I decided to pick up the pencil again.) To get the hang of the different techniques, I initially attended several workshops. Later on, I started a five-year course at The Maasmechelen Academy of Arts (in Belgium), to develop a broader base. I recently graduated from the Academy. My life is centered in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. I combine a professional career with being an artist.

my work

Before graduating from the Academy, I made a series of paintings with the theme ‘slow motion’. For this style, I photographed people in action and then edited the pictures on my IPad. These pictures formed the base for my paintings. I am a born perfectionist. Luckily, at the Academy I was stimulated to loosen up a bit and be more intuitive and less critical. This was a confronting but valuable process which worked out very well and which also benefits my professional career as a Communication Advisor.

My paintings are abstract, figurative or a combination of both. They are always colourful and large in size. I get my inspiration from daily life. People, music, driving my car, dancing, shopping, watching television, traveling, or any other thing that somehow moves me to the starting point or idea for a new painting. I tweak the concept and make it my own, and give it back to the world in a new form. I am sure the colours of my paintings will move you and all of the emotion and passion I felt when I created them, will capture you too! What a bliss that would be!